Basic Understandings

1.  We understand that the so-called Latino or Hispanic people of the Americas are native peoples whose identity has been lost or hidden by centuries of colonization.  As such, we believe that the true roots of our culture are found in the indigenous cultures (Aztec, Maya, Huichol and others) of these continents

2. We understand that our people are in our own “Dark Age,” both collectively and individually and that our march out of the darkness will come about through the road of Our Restoration (O/R), a society that will allow us to reach our full potential.


3. We understand that The Creator is the force of energy that flows through all things and people.  Our Creator has traditionally been known as Ometeotl,


4. We understand The Creator to be manifest in all forms and aspects of life.


5. We understand that our offerings to The Creator is our prayer and that our words are our teaching to our people.


6. We understand that collective actions in social, economic, and spiritual life, are keys to Our Restoration (O/R).  We understand that unity will produce strength and stability in our community.


7. We understand that as the original caretakers of these continents, we are not bound by borders imposed by others.  We understand that we are One Continent, One People.


8. We understand that women and men are more than just equals and that we are parts of the same whole.  We promote the native concepts of duality between the genders.  We need each other.  We understand that balance among the energies is essential to Our Restoration (O/R).


9. We understand that equality is the basis of a good society.  We are told that we live in an equal society, but in reality we lack equality of condition, options and self determination.

10. We understand that Our Restoration will one day give way to Our New Anahuac, and that self-determination is ultimate, modern form of freedom for all people.