Personal Development

Personal development is an important part of involvement with our kalpulli.  In contrast to other ceremonies, the floricanto’s main objective is development of the community.  By participating in the ceremony, individual development and growth often emerges.


During our ceremony, we use armas, spiritual armaments that help us in our journey.  For those who are completely new to ceremonies, we are honored to ask our new members to wait for at least six months to get their own armas.  After six months, our group traditionally gifts the new member his/her first arma.

In traditional understandings, the four directions are a very important piece of spiritual understandings.  There are many aspects to the four directions.  One of our understandings places the faces of the four directions in keeping with a common pattern of personal development.

The Mexica Calendric System

The so-called “Aztec Calendar” is a way to measure time, but it is also a way to learn about life, philosophy and the cosmos.  We encourage all new members to take one of our workshops on the Tonalmachiyotl.


When people become exposed to some of the traditions and ideas, a new light is born in them.  We correlate this to the breaking dawn and the light of Quetzalcoatl.

Xipe Totec-West

Often the next step in development come a new identity, full of pride, hope and faith in Our Restoration (O/R).  Xipe Totec represents the shedding of old skins and the birth of Spring.  Often, this is the next step in the development in our road.


Huitzilopochtli represents the will of the people and defense of the just. Often in our development, we begin to condemn current and pasts injustice as a main part of our identity, condemning everything from Spanish colonization to current laws and policies.  This is a righteous part of our identity, and this is how it should be.


Tezcatlipoca is often associated with introspection and deep thought.  This is another integral phase in our development.  It is when we begin to think, “if not this, then what.”  If not this society, then what will we build.  If not these laws, then what laws.  If not the European god, then how is our god.

As in life, the four directions are not linear.  They are no mutually exclusive.  At an point in our development, we may represent any and all of these directions, some more than others at some times.

Nahuatl name

As a symbolic recognition of one’s new identity, the group strives to offer a new name to our members after one year of participation.  The name is a gift, and if accepted, signifies that the member will commit to share with the group its, skills, talent and time.  The member is no longer a “guest” in our kalpulli (extended house).