Why is there a need for such a group?

In the long-run our people will never rise without a mechanism to communicate ideas and thoughts to our people.  Our ceremony is a way to communicate culture, ideas, philosophy, spirituality to our people.  Solutions to our current problems are important, but without fixing our mind and spirit, we will always be putting a bandage on our wounds, rather than treating the root of our problems.  Our ceremony, our words and our culture is a medicine designed to treat the root of our wounds.

What if I want to get involved?

Come to one of our floricantos.  You will not have to do anything except listen. Come as you are.  No special attire is needed.  Nothing else is needed.

Is this like Aztec Dancing?

Some members have experience with Aztec Dancing, but our group does not currently incorporate any dancing.  There are many strong danzantes aztecas in Houston to whom we can refer you, if you are looking for this.

What happens in the floricanto?

We don’t publish the exact order, but we open and close to the four direction, sing some songs and there is usually one female and one male speaker that gives a lesson.  The set up takes about half an hour, and the ceremony is about one hour.

Do you want to re-create the Aztec society?

No.  Our goal is not to duplicate any society.  We make our own decisions.  Our ancestors have offered us many traditions and foundations that we cherish, but our decisions and goals are our own. We are forward-looking and we look at the plight of our people today as much as we look at the ways of our ancestors.

Is this just for Mexicans?

This is for all people with historic and ancestral ties to this part of the world who have been dispossessed of their traditions.  The so-called mestizos are not spiritually mestizos, we are a people who have lost our traditions and ties with our indigenous ancestors.  We do not make a distinction between someone born in Guatemala, El Salvador or Mexico, as these borders were imposed by foreigners.

How are decisions made in your group?

Any major change in direction or change to the ceremonies is made by the Ome-Tlatokan, the dual speaking body.  Members are invited to be on the Ome-Tlatokan by unanimous consent, and there may only be one representative per family unit on the Ome-Tlatokan.