Kalpulli Xochicuicatl is a group of people who find value in many of the traditions of the Aztec, Maya, Olmec and other of our indigenous ancestors and the teachings of Mexicayotl.  We believe that the so-called Latino people are an indigenous (Indian) people who have lost our traditions, spirituality and who have stopped struggling for justice.  Our goal is to help preserve the traditions that we have learned and also to build new traditions and ceremonies based on thkalpullie same principles and ideas.  We invite all individuals and families who are interested in spiritual, cultural and historical enlightenment to visit one of our hour-long xochicuicatl ceremonies.  During the ceremony, we teach the principles of Mexicayotl.  A kalpulli is a house of houses or a big house.  It means community.  Xochicuicatl means flower and song, which represents knowledge and beauty.  So it means that we are a community of people who seek knowledge, culture and spirituality.  We hope to offer a holistic approach to lifting our people out of darkness.

What is a calpulli or a kalpull?

A kalpulli comes from the Nauhatl or Mexican word for extended home.  Symbolically, it means extended family, and it is a traditional form of social organization.  Kalpulli Xochicuicatl is an extended family of people dedicated to traditional philosophy, spirituality, and modern activism/advocacy.  Xochicuicatl is the word for floricanto, a ceremony in which we have incorporated many traditional elements with a speaking component.  Flor y canto (or flower and song) were traditional symbols for knowledge, science and beauty.  Our kalpulli has created an original way to celebrate a floricanto.

Spirituality through the Floricanto (xochicuicatl)

floricantospeakingWe believe that the practices present in the floricanto help to bring us closer to our community and helps to bring thought, philosophy and spirituality to the community.  The term floricanto is not new.  However, the combination of elements, the order and the purpose of the ceremony are something that our group has created.  One of the main purposes of the ceremony is to teach through spoken lessons.  We believe that public oratory was one of the first practices banned during colonization.  This ceremony is our attempt to make oratory and ideas a central component to bringing us out of our Dark Age.  The main purpose of many other ceremonies is prayer, but the primary purpose o our ceremony is the people.  The floricanto is our group’s primary area of focus.  We hold them generally twice a month.

Brief History

November 13, 2011 was the first meeting of what was to become Kalpulli Xochicuicatl.  Former Aztec Dancers, activists, parents and youth met.  We met because we were dissatisfied or even angry.  Each friend was dissatisfied with something different like religion, politics, culture etc.  Our solution was to create this calpulli and to create our way of celebrating the floricanto.  We continue to update and to create our tradition.

Social Justice

Many worldviews have key components to their ideas.  We believe that we are in our own Dark Age, mentally, academically and developmentally.  In many ways we don’t even know who we are as a people.  This Dark Age is no accident.  We believe the solution to this Dark Age is a road called Our Restoration.  This road will eventually lead us to a society that will allow us, as a people, to reach our full potential and our destiny.